Instagram AR

Leveraging on the power of the biggest social media network , namely Instagram and Facebook, and using the simple yet robust platform of SparkAR , its become extremely easy for brands to reach out to billions of users in a fun, engaging and immersive manner. SparkAR , undoubtedly has become the first choice for brands for face filters in recent years.

Snapchat AR

Snapchat lenses create memorable and interactive moments used every day by over 200 million Snapchatters by using the advanced platforms of Lens Studio that facilities plane detection, body tracking and high quality images in their filter experiences. With features likes Screenshop and AR shopping lenses, brands are pouncing on Snapchat like never before !


Combining the force of web browsers with technologies like WebRTC, WebGL & 8TH Wall, Web AR Experiences are open-source AR that directs users to a unique URL. Web AR is all about accessibility coupled with the sophistication of curved image tracking and simultaneous plane detection


Everyone nowadays uses Instagram, Snapchat, and other social media platforms with popularised filters that reach a much larger audience from all generations. AR Filters are computer-generated effects that have designs and graphics that are applied to the surrounding environment.

Improve Brand Connection

AR filters that are made in an engaging and interactive manner not only entice users to try them but also encourage them to share them on social media and with their peers. This is nearly equivalent to word of mouth, which is critical for brands. And, by leveraging this capacity to design compelling filters, brands can engage with the relevant target group with the right message, as well as empower and entice them to purchase.

Achieve competitive Advantage

Social Media Apps and Online Ads are becoming increasingly crowded, but brands want to stand out from the crowd. By leveraging the capabilities of AR Filters, a brand gains a competitive advantage in reaching its potential target audience and making its presence more impactful when compared to other brands running social media ads. In this case, the brand engages with the end user and instantly connects with the user, unlike others, and has the potential to become much more popular in the social media space.

Your message is spread via AR Filter participants for you.

When an AR filter is used in conjunction with a campaign with a specific message, it catches on and attracts the user. The more users who like the filter, the more likely they are to share it with their peers and post it online, resulting in more interaction, spreading the message across the audience, and drawing more attention to the campaign

Attract the Right Audience For Your Brand and Increase Awareness

Filters not only provide a fun interaction, but they would also target the right audience. The campaign would engage the intended audience leading up to the shares among peers of the right target audience since they would resonate with the filter. This will improve the brand’s reach and raise awareness of the brand's campaign among the target group.

Greater Engagement Than More Traditional Forms of advertising

Every brand requires more engagement and brands are dying by just spending more on normal ads when the consumer is getting smarter by having ad blockers and other services to withhold from the nuisance of ads. Here AR Filters come into play where they create an engagement that the patron enjoys and also would share with their peers

Social Media Users Interact with Brands

With the rise of social media, it has been seen that every brand is attempting to contact or converse with social media consumers. And, with the help of filters, it will not only keep them enthralled but will also pique their interest, leading to greater interaction and resonance with the brand than ever before.

AR Filters are indeed an Economical Investing

AR Filters are actually cost-effective, costing less than a newspaper ad and less than paying on other billboard advertisements, print commercials, or even running social media ads that do not elicit engagement with the brand. AR filters generate not only engagement but also interaction between the user and the brand. When you invest in AR Filters, you are not investing in something that will fade away; you can maintain evoking the same filter in the market with new social media campaigns and having one AR filter for the business. We can design carousel-based AR filters that enable limitless possibilities while remaining cost-effective.


From e-commerce to SaaS, retail to consumer durables, AR has changed the landscape of advertisements and provided a huge leap in immersive experiences.

AR filters use platforms like SparkAR and Lenstudio which leverage on Instagram , Facebook and Snapchat, the leading social media channels. The traction on such high engaging channels gives great momentum to the brand that is looking to stand out amongst the clutter.

Brands and AR now go hand in hand.While designing the overall marketing strategy, it’s impossible to not consider AR as a part of the plan.

Native apps or web based apps, the decision of what to chose when is influenced by the communication objective of the campaign.

AR provides, engagement, analytics and education to the target consumer.It builds a viral effect by influencing the user’s to post about the brand on their social media handles , hence making them the brand ambassadors of the specific brand.

All leading platforms like Lenstudio, SparkAR, WebAR etc provide analytical tools to monitor the success of a campaign and gauge the impressions , clicks and shares of each AR experience.

Face filters, Surface filters or Native applications with trackable objects. You name it and we got it.

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