Thinking Big

ExperientialEtc aims to be the first choice for any brand seeking experiential activation and engagement ideas. On the journey to awesomeness ExpereintialEtc’s mission for every project is to be the holistic agency for all creative and digital solutions for brands looking for something fresh and innovative.

Craving for Innovation ?

Brand indulgence with brand fever! Unimaginable are the possibilities of immaculately crafted experiences by ExperientalEtc that mesmerize the patrons by offering immersive engagement through Physical and Digital activations that result in maximising brand recall.

In a world where dynamics are changing constantly, ExperientialEtc intends to minimise the gap between the brand and the customer and get rid of the clutter in the consumers mind which is flooded by thousands of adverts daily.

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The Environment

Consumerism on the rise. Brands on the brink of testing the latest in tech to get an edge over the others to distinctively capture the eyeballs of their customers.

The Opportunity

Engagement . Virality. Acquisition. In the race to get control of the market and a monopolistic image of their product, brands are leaving no stone unturned.

The Deliverable

Ensuring engagement of the target customer and backing it up with fool proof analytics to justify every penny spent in branding and advertising .

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From planning your narative to creating the canvas of a flawless campaign. We"ve Got you covered !

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