Enchanting Spectacle: Ajio's Backstreet Boys Concert Styled by ExperientialEtc


The goal of the collaboration between ExperientialEtc and Ajio for the Backstreet Boys concert was to create a mesmerizing and immersive experience for attendees. The objective was to showcase the fusion of cutting-edge technology and entertainment, elevating Ajio's brand impression and leaving a lasting impact on the 5000+ concert-goers


The partnership between ExperientialEtc and Ajio resulted in a truly enchanting experience at the Backstreet Boys concert. Jio World Garden and Airia Mall underwent a breathtaking transformation, captivating attendees with extraordinary wonderlands. The integration of innovative technology into every aspect of the event, from interactive stalls to captivating billboards, created a visual spectacle that surpassed expectations. The concert became a memorable evening of entertainment, with the legendary performances of the Backstreet Boys complemented by the immersive ambiance crafted by ExperientialEtc.

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