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Metaverse - All you need to know

Recently the world is abuzz with the term Metaverse, it is touted to be the next avatar of social media with real-life 3D simulations. So what is Metaverse all about, let us look into the new order of the internet closely.

Virtual Reality: Things you should know

Virtual Reality is defined as a computer-generated environment with scenes and objects that appear to be real, making the user feel they are immersed in their surroundings. This environment is accessed through...

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Augmented Reality or Web 3.0, the third dimension of the web is

So far the World Wide Web has been largely a 2D experience, flat pages joined together with hyperlinks that enable humans to read and interact, talk and share content freely, but all this is going to change

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Ambient assisted living

With the aging society, more and more people live through old age with chronic disorders and mostly manage to live independently up to old age. Data indicates that half of the people above the age of 65 years have

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AR Filters the new social tech trend

In simplest terms Augmented reality (AR) filters are computer-generated effects which could be superimposed on real-life images. AR filters work with the mobile camera, adding a layer or imagery in the foreground ...

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A beginner’s guide to What is NFT or Non-Fungible Tokens?

An NFT or Non-Fungible Token is a unit of data, stored on a type of digital ledger called a blockchain, which can be sold and traded. The NFT is used to identify a particular digital or physical asset ...

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