HOLOVSN accentuates your brand by creating a FLOATING ILLUSION of 3D VISUALS in mid-air.

It is typical to see items reflected in motionless water. How about interaction and projection over moving water? Think how we can project content through water mist! All brands strive to provide an unforgettable experience to their customers and leave a lasting impression. Our Holomist would interact with customers about your brand just in the right way.

Use of Holovsn in Retail

Are you wondering how you can use it? Not only could it be used outside the store to display your brand's logo or products, but it could also be turned into a grid and used within the store. Holovsn can be used to create engaging visuals at a variety of social events, such as weddings and parties, as well as professional occasions like exhibitions and seminars.


With Holovsn, you may showcase visually appealing content that is floating in the air. Shocking the curious customer in the process. It becomes possible to create a variety of massively eye-catching content by turning it into a grid, such as an entire unicorn soaring through the air.

How it can boost brand awareness

Being associated with something uncommon always makes a brand stand out, and Holovsn, allows the brand the opportunity to be recognized for its creativity and draw more attention to its brand, increasing its recognition among spectators.

Helpful for generating leads

The creation of leads begins with recognition. The audience would want to try out your brand and go toward a purchase once they recognize your brand through the alluring visuals.

Instant Boost for Brands to Drive Sentiments and connect customers

Wherever one goes, the visuals are what grab the audience's attention and resonate with their emotions. With such alluring visuals to grab the consumer's attention, it lingers in their minds and appeals to their tastes and opinions, resulting in an immediate spike in driving recognition.