How is an Interactive video beneficial to a brand?

Interactive video is an innovatively structured media that is used by brands who wish to take inputs from their customers while making the video viewing experience immersive. More and more brand managers and marketers are using interactive video as a tool to connect to their customers in a better manner.

What does an interactive video contain?

Right from strategically placed hotspots in a 360 view to multiple pathways that a user can select to change his video output, an interactive video has it all. Some of the videos even take inputs from the client as it progresses.


Click on the link now! Book Now! Aren't you tired of the usual method of clicking on a link and then seeing a website? What if we could just let you click on the product you want while watching the Ad and it would be added to your cart in seconds? That is what Interactive Video is all about. Through your brand commercial, you may provide seamless transactions and smooth consumer flow in one go.

What Is An Interactive Video?

An interactive video is a form of media where the user is allowed to interact with the content within the video. That means you can directly touch a product of an ongoing video commercial which would be redirected to the site directly.

Types Of Interactive Videos

1. Mobile Ads: Here while browsing through E-commerce, Social media apps or any other platform where you encounter a video ad interactive video can be used where the patron clicks the product in the video and is redirected to the website
2. OTT Shows: There has been an increasing demand for thriller movies and Interactive videos right come into play where you get to decide what to do to the character of the movie or watch a movie as per your order.

Why do brands use interactive videos rather than normal videos

Video, a format that has been here for so long, innovation in terms of the resolution and picture quality has increased but has there been a big leap in the video industry? Here comes the interactive video which gives the producer an upper edge to create content while making it, even more, engaging than anything before by letting the viewer interact with the video makes it a good reason to choose interactive video over the generic video ad.