Metaverse - All you need to know

With Facebook changing its name to Meta there are world of expectations from this platform

Recently the world is abuzz with the term Metaverse, it is touted to be the next avatar of social media with real-life 3D simulations. So what is Metaverse all about, let us look into the new order of the internet closely. In simple terms, Metaverse is a network of 3D virtual worlds to facilitate social interactions by using simulated digital environments, Augmented Reality, and Block chain technology. To access Metaverse, you must first put on a headset, after which you can connect to the virtual reality interface.

The term Metaverse was coined by Neal Stephenson in a science fiction novel - Snow Crash -- almost 30 years ago, in which he envisioned lifelike avatars who met in realistic 3D buildings and other virtual reality environments

In recent years, Metaverse has come to represent a utopian convergence of digital experiences fuelled by Moore's Law - an aspiration to enable rich, real-time, globally-interconnected virtual- and augmented-reality environments that will enable billions of people to work, play, collaborate and socialize in entirely new ways.

can you do on Metaverse? The first avatar of Metaverse was created in 2003 with Second Life which was a digital platform where people could role-play any character they wanted to be and interact in a 3D environment mimicking the real world. Presently multiplayer games use Metaverse elements but this platform could be also used for the below-mentioned activities

1. Purchase and monetize real estate

2. Develop scenes, games, and other VR experiences

3. Explore through customizable avatars

4. Work and collaborate with remote colleagues

5. Socialize and make new friends

6. Next-level shopping experiences

7. Attend concerts, shows, and educational events

8. Play and earn from virtual reality games

9. Sell in-game assets for cryptocurrency tokens

10. Invest in digital artwork through NFTs

11. Build a carrier by working for the Metaverse

12. Brainstorm and design products in 3D

Pitfalls of Metaverse According to IANS report, Meta (formerly Facebook) is aware that virtual reality can be a "toxic environment", especially for women and minorities, and Metaverse would be an "existential threat" to Facebook if it turned off "mainstream customers from the medium entirely".

"Harassment in digital spaces is nothing new, and it's something we and others in the industry have been working to address for years. That work is ongoing and will likely never be finished. It's continually evolving, though its importance remains constant. It's an incredibly daunting task," Meta CTO Andrew Bosworth was quoted as saying by IANS.