Our goal was to partner with Switch Mobility, a next-generation electric bus and light commercial vehicle company, to create captivating and interactive games at an exhibition. The objective was to attract a significant number of attendees and showcase Switch's commitment to green mobility while providing a memorable gaming experience.

Challenge :

1. Integration of Green Mobility Messaging: Incorporating Switch Mobility's mission to enrich lives through green mobility into the gaming experience was a significant challenge. Balancing entertainment with educational elements while effectively conveying the company's values required careful consideration and creative approaches.
2. Leveraging EV Expertise: Switch Mobility's expertise in electric vehicles was a valuable asset, but effectively leveraging this knowledge to create engaging and informative games presented a challenge. Striking the right balance between technical accuracy and entertainment value required collaboration and coordination between the two organizations.
3. Designing for a Diverse Audience: The exhibition attracted a diverse range of attendees, each with varying levels of familiarity with gaming and green mobility. Designing games that catered to different age groups, interests, and knowledge levels while keeping them engaging for all posed a challenge that required careful game design and user experience considerations.
4. Technical Implementation: Ensuring the smooth integration of gaming technology and hardware provided by Switch Mobility required technical expertise. Overcoming technical challenges, optimizing performance, and troubleshooting potential issues demanded close collaboration between our organization and Switch's technical team.
5. Promoting Green Mobility: Encouraging attendees to embrace green mobility and understand its positive impact required effective messaging and promotion. Crafting marketing strategies that emphasized the benefits of electric vehicles and sustainable transportation was a challenge that needed careful planning and execution.

Results :

The collaboration between our organization and Switch Mobility yielded exceptional results at the exhibition. Over the course of five days, the event attracted more than 15,000 people, exceeding our initial attendance expectations. The engaging games we developed in partnership with Switch not only entertained but also educated and raised awareness among over 20,000 attendees about the benefits of green mobility.

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