Smart kisoks

Everything is now becoming smarter,so why not kisoks

Utilizing Smart Kiosks, end up creating a surprising emotion and wholehearted connection for your customers.



Not just a machine, but an actual Smart person inside

Smart Kiosk is an awe-Inspiring interactive kiosk machine installed in public places that helps to engage the mass and easily enhance brand exposure.


Benefits of Smart Kiosks

A smart kiosk is an interactive screen that has been installed in a location with the goal of giving users, guests, or bystanders access to key information and services. A smart kiosk, a key component of smart city technology, offers users: transportation schedules and real-time public transportation status,gaming , gratification and merchandising.

Why should you go with ExperientialEtc for smart kiosks?

A query arises Why do Brands choose ExperientialEtc and Smart Kiosks? Installed over 52+ brands, exceeded the average number of smart kiosk users by over lakhs, and worked with prestigious clients like ITC and Mastercard.

Features of Smart Kiosks

Voice Recognition
Motion / Emotion Sensors
Gestures sensor
Payment Options
AI-based Smarts kiosks
Augmented Reality Kiosks

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