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Onground Activations


Why 2D when you can 3D? These LED devices will accentuate and uplift your brand by using its ingenious holographic hi-tech videos which create a floating illusion of 3D visuals in mid-air.


The screen contains real silver, reflecting high levels of projected light to create bright and punchy 3D visuals and holographic effects. Seeing your brand levitate in the middle of the city, high up in the air is bound to pop eyeballs like never before.


This different take on 'projection mapping' can amplify your experience with its edgy clarity and flashy artwork. It is a treat to your eyes for sure.


Tell your tale through this transparent display unit that uses real products and blends it with augmented and interactive content to create an engaging and informative experience
for the consumer.


A glass construct that contains your product and creates punchy realistic effects around it that takes your product into a multidimensional world.


An LED screen that is transparent and displays holographic & 3D images of your brand. With its crystal clear clarity and see through quality, it gives that extra edge to your brand.


Step into awe inspiring layer of thin smoke and let your customers own your brand like never before. HOLOMIST displays holographic creatives on a canvas of fog, allowing consumers to engage with the content and hence etch the brand in their minds forever.

Video Production

Lights, Camera, Action.
A production team that breathes creativity at all times. VFX or not, the results are breathtaking. Masterpieces that are a visual treat.

Anamorphic Displays

Forced perspective content that creates unbelievably dynamic stories that became viral organically. Curved Led simply adds to the magic!


A visual laser show like never before. Pocket size laser cube that delivers a customized delight,Larger than life.


Mixed reality has a new meaning. Especially when it's an engaging game on a table.
Engage and Excite.

Sensor Games

Load gauge or motion sensors.
We've got it all.
Once integrated with thematic fabrication and the results are fantastic.

Sound Showers

An audio kiosk meant to give an exclusive experience by creating a private audio-sensory environment.

Innovation Centers

Smart hardware and smarter applications. The combination creates experience zones that creates a 360 degree,immersive and engaging journey to the visitors.

Kinetic Sculptures

Moving architectural installations that use kinetics and laws of physics to create a mesmerizing artform.

Smart Kiosks

Kinect based vending machines,
AI-integrated games,speech enabled displays. As smart as a kiosk can get.

Digital Activations

AR Filters

Face filters work by detecting a face and superimposing virtual elements onto that face via AR. Various head movements or different facial expressions activate the AR experience.

Web Games

Interactive games are web-based platforms which when integrated with social media, give a competitive edge and a reason to the patron to post and share amongst their social circles.

Virtual Spaces

Virtual Spaces are immersive 360° experiences that connect the shoppers by conveying the true realities in an augmented space. Virtual Spaces can be integrated with Websites, Applications, and VR headsets.
E-commerce integration just takes the experience to another level altogether!

Interactive Videos

Interactive Videos are a media system enabling user interaction. The media file features hotspots or annotations which gives the control to the users to direct their own story.

Virtual Reality

Simulation experiences which take immersion to a different level altogether .VR eliminates the user from the real world by bringing 360 view and making him a part of the virtual world through VR headsets.

Smart Apps

Smart apps are applications that incorporate data-driven, actionable insights into the user experience. Insights are delivered in context as features in applications that enable users to more efficiently complete a desired task or action.

Virtual Conferences

As the world becomes an even smaller place since the pandemic,Virtual Conferences transforms the gigantic spaces into a digital realm. Without any limitations to the number of people and added engagements for attendees at every event, the stage for Virtual Events is getting wider and deeper.

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